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viernes 31 de octubre de 2014
Hospital Quirón Marbella
Hospital Quirón Marbella
If you are an international patient and are interested in accessing the services offered by Quirón Campo de Gibraltar Hospital, you must send the following information to so that we can arrange your first appointment:
• Given name(s):
• Family name(s):
• Nationality:
• Gender:
• E-mail address:
• What kind of treatment is required (cardiac surgery, plastic surgery, etc.)
• Additional details:Age, case history of your current illness, what you need to know (pricing, information about specialists, etc.).

Once you send the information, our International Help Desk will contact you to clarify any doubts you may have: whether or not there are places available at the hospital and the clinical test results you should bring with you prior to your first consultation.

We would like to thank you for relaying on us.
Tel: (+34) 952 77 42 00